We bought a house!

You guys, we bought a house!  I know I’m ahead of myself and I’m only on day five of the road trip chronicles, but we’re just so excited that I had to pause for this breaking news.  After ten days on the road, we are very happy and relieved to be in our new place.

First day in the new house

We closed this morning (Friday) and the movers won’t arrive until Wednesday so we’re still living with only the stuff we could carry in the car, and I’m writing this from the floor of the empty family room.  It feels so good to have a quiet space where everyone can spread out and get some alone time, though.  Laney is sound asleep on her new bed in our bedroom – I doubt we’ll see her for a week.  Zoe took her first bath in a jetted tub tonight and I’m pretty sure the entire neighborhood knows that it was the best 20 minutes of her life.  She went to bed easily for the first time since we left Seattle, and not a minute too soon.  And I’ve never been as excited about curling up on an air bed as I am tonight.

Our new house is in the Short Pump area of Richmond, only about ten minutes from our old house here.  Short Pump has changed immensely since 2010, though, and we’re in a different neighborhood that we didn’t explore much when we lived here before.  We’re excited to get out and explore the new area and all it has to offer, minus the sweltering heat.

The last 36 hours would have been utter disaster without the help of our parents.  My parents accepted delivery of our smaller car at their house in Roanoke about a week ago.  There were several unexpected turns of events with the shipping company, not least of which was when they confirmed delivery, yet no car had been delivered… We really appreciate my parents’ willingness to roll with the ambiguity and help us out.  Chris’ parents met us in Richmond to hotel babysit Zoe and Laney while Chris and I did the walk through and closing for the house.  I would almost rather continue living out of a car than take an exhausted Zoe to a document-signing session.  Their help allowed us to tackle the house stuff stress-free and with full attention.  A bonus to all of this is that we got to spend time with both families immediately upon getting to Virginia.  We’ve missed them and are so happy to be back in the same state!

This weekend will be dominated by shopping for furniture and all things domestic.  We’ve got one more week to get our act together before Chris starts work.  We are so thankful to be here and starting to get settled.  It feels like it’s been a long time in the making!

Next, the road trip saga continues…

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